Saturday, 10 June 2017

Some of my funny DID moments

As a coping mechanism disassociation with firm alters can be funny at times.
I spend some of my time in a state of anxiety and fear thus alters get more active. I am tired and vulnerable so an alter may be trying to ease My burden by being present.
I do not have conscious connection with my words or action. Formethe times of them out and active are a Blackout period. This can be seconds or minutes..hours to days. What I learn is from seeing changes in my environment or from what someone else tells me. Some things alters write to me or voice record etc.
This blog is dedicated to some of the funny things I figure out...or wake to..😄

When you come to and all of a sudden there are rements od parts/extras/alters being active;

I turn and there is half a painting not mine...or my toenails repainted or something

I had a shower or a bath I don't recall

Dishes were done and I am dressed...

I didn't have a pop now I do...

Furniture moved...

Bathroom cleaned ( yes!)

Shelving up and decorated in my kitchen.

Funnies posted on facebook middle of the night or early morn.

Online carts shopping or letting me know what they want.

Wild hairdoos from highlights and braids to Wee making a red marker highlight.


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