Monday, 7 August 2017

Self Distraction Ideas

The alphabet game. Use alphabet to name in order places or foods or animals A-Z

Counting backwards.

7 Items line up memory game. Close eyes after lining up objects and remember order. Then switch around and do again.

Crumple paper as tight a ball as possible and undo without ripping

Restring shoelaces

Name last 15 people you spoke to in order

Drink warm water

Melt an ice cube in hands

Go for a don't step on cracks.

Make grass whistle between thumbs

Name different sounds you hear

I spy so many things and or square or chrome etc.

Think of 10 favorite meals

Always remember to breathe.
In 234
Hold 234
Release 234

Keep a list handy of How to Distract self so it is there when you need.


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