Saturday, 13 January 2018

Poetry poetry...

Dance amongst the wisps
Made by angels wings
On fluffy snow surfaces
Dance around the fire
Where the demons hide
Your footsteps light
Like your heart and smile
With faith and hope

Power through
Reach the shore
Wrong way
I steered
Veered off
My path
Swim out
Find my mark
Clean strokes
To land
Drifting out
And drowning
The beach calls
Ride the wave
To destiny

Patching pieces
Filling the gaps
A newness
With purpose still
Perhaps heartier
For the breaks
Mended stronger

Standing on tiptoe
Eyes peeking
Over the rail
Little footprints
On the stairs
In fear
Rushing down
Whites glowing
Wet cheeks
A nightmare
For a child
Now for the woman
Who grew up

Frosty morning
A cold mood to match
Bitter wind
Blows through her
Seeking refuge
To thaw
A frozen heart

Into the realm of Darkness
I shone light
The fear and pain drew you in
Vulnerable prey
I know your face
It is my own
We have seen this demon
Fought before
Now conquer together
Hearts will glow

Joyous wind
Brisk and breathtaking
Days frigid friend
Spinning gusts
Of glittering snow
The playground
Where icicles grow
The Hearty
Do face
The season
Of sharing


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