Sunday, 7 January 2018


What am I Good At? What I can do?

We are each unique and have learned many things in life. Some we are better at than others. Met set of skills is every growing and makes me ME.
Often these things I do not see, overlook, or give myself little credit for.
I am learning...
This was therapy homework. Thus the following list.

April Knows

1. I am good at writing poetry
2. I am good at helping others
3. I am good at sharing my mental health tools.
4. I make good comfort food.
5. I can search information and process quickly.
6. I am funny.
7. I have cute feet.
8. I am a good helper for old people.
9. I figure out technical or other types of projects ... can be self reliant.
10. I can paint on canvas
11. I can create something out of junk..can repurpose.
12. Good at budgeting.
13. Good dog mom.
14. Good at finding a bargain.
15. Good at remembering odd details.
16. I can bake good cookies, muffins and popovers and scones, homemade trail mix.
17. I still look good for my age.
18. I can felt
19. I can crochet rugs.
20. I am a strong swimmer and paddle canoe
21. I have sent 129 smile packages around the world
22. I can carve walking sticks and use wood burner to decorate
23. I roll a perfect joint
24. I write nice personal letters
25. I did my homework

I shared this at my therapy session. When I left I heard myself...
You are a liar
You don't do that well
You are tooting your own horm and that is ego and you are wrong.
You don't deserve praise

The mind tape id powerful and I will rebike all of those things I continue to tell myself.
That voice lies.


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