Friday, 5 January 2018

Write The Words

You cannot see me
I am faded into shadows
Taken from light
No reflection
No colour
I whisper...I am here
No sound to be
You cannot hear me
Faded away
A faint

Joyous wind
Brisk and breathtaking
Days frigid friend
Spinning gusts
Of glittering snow
The playground
Where icicles grow
The Hearty
Do face
The season
Of sharing

I cannot find Me
It is hard for you to see
I wear my mask well
It grows heavy
As I tire of the face
That is not Real
I am shattering
In slow motion

Into the realm of Darkness
I shone light
The fear and pain drew you in
Vulnerable prey
I know your face
It is my own
We have seen this demon
Fought before
Now conquer together
Hearts will glow


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