Friday, 22 September 2017

Fall Season with Sir Don

We are changing early in Ontario. A trip to  Algonquin Park was on this perfect day.
I spent it with Sir Don (my sweet and kind Step-father) as his 84th birthday is next week.
If I could say my hero would be him. Aging gracefully. A sense of humour. A man who enjoys the small pleasures of life.
I love him more than words could ever put together would convey.
As he crosses 84 my anxiety grows. How long will I have him? How long healthy as he is?  Yet I am not well...
He is truly my rock.
I have no partner.
I battle on with cancer issues.
I have mental health problems that I work on.
4 yrs of dealing with health issues has left me worn..unsure..anxiety..depressed..sad.
I know today. Today is what we have. Now.
I am glad today I had Sir Don.
A day free.


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