Sunday, 3 September 2017

Parts Share Disassociation Facts

1. We are able to work as a team even if we don't agree.

2. We have different interests.

3. We have grown into our own persons.

4. We are not willing to integrate (yes we know what that is we aren't ignorant)

5. We have tried many things to help over much time...often taking turns.

6. No, we don't intend for you to know us. Know is trust. We trust few.

7. If you mess with one you mess with all. We have no harm policy but some have sharp tongue..Maddy...😏

9. There are 4 of us active. She (April) is our purpose. We are here to help her.

10. No we don't know why we are as we are...the bigs/older are learning as we go.

11. The body gets little sleep. 4 hrs...pray for nap...

12. Fall is our worst season. We each have our reasons.


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