Monday, 30 October 2017

Food Issues

You don't have anything on that ( hot dog, sandwhich, salad, etc) ?
No condiments. Thank you. No. Nothing. Yep. Plain. No. Nothing on the side.
No condiments. No toppings. Slice cheese maybe. No. That is it.
Early in life this refusal of some started. Perhaps was body knowing baby skin problemz so no tomato or like dark veg. No potato. A growing list. Perhaps texture. I still have these.
Over time condiments and food used negatively.
I am adverse. I can barely touch ketchup bottle or mustard.. I don't eat at otbers if I don't know them well or the food. I try to easier to not be hungry...
Trigger for me and some I know why and some I don't. I just know my reaction remains.
I am picky. I am cautious. Paranoid at times. Food issues are tough.
I don't not eat. I adjust.

No to the stuff is no.
For me.

You want it plain?


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