Monday, 12 June 2017

Self Talk

I believe we all tell ourselves many things. We have a set of standards, ideals, morals and values. We have instinctual and learned things muddling around in our minds.
The environment, peers and experiences we have when growing as children will forever be imprinted.
I like to call mine "The Panel". It feels like that a lot. Like there is a counsel and consult commitee giving directions. I believe there isn't always clarity and I am just winging it as I make my way.
Some of the self talk...the things I have come to believe and tell myself are crap. Bullshit. Lies. They come from negative peers. I can almost hear the person telling me. I bought in. I believed always and is something I am unlearning. I am learning the truths I need to tell myself.
Positive self talk. Knowing my value and purpose and believing I am worthy. To tell myself "I am enough just as I am".
Sorting out what are my own standards and beliefs...not those that were imposed on me as a child. Finding my own faith. These things that are Me. My own system.
Self talk effects my self esteem. It effects my decisions for my life. I believe I have to learn to trust myself. Find the answers in me and expand and change my self talk.
It takes work and time.

Recognize it
Own it
Flip it
Make change

An my head I am saying "You can't do anything right." I know who gave me that...where I learned that...I know if I were to apply that phrase to someone is wrong.
I show myself things I have done right. Well. Am learning to be proud of.
I did right.
I did right.
Flip..."I can do anything right!"

Repeat in my mind over and over. Learn it.
Make change.



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