Saturday, 16 December 2017

Eggnog Blues

It is a really cold and loooonnnely night in December. Freezing temperatures that chill to the bone.
Memories flood this time of year. Winters long ago now. Times with a partner planning the holidays. A home to decorate. Places to go. Christmas gatherings. Friends. Fun. Food. Laughter.

Here I sit alone.
Silence is my partner.
Quietly stoic.
A wall.
Numb and cold.
Does Silence listen to me?

Many experience sadness, anxiety, depression etc this time of year. With that lots of reasons. Sun deprivation. Sleeplessness. Money worries. Job problems. Family or lack of family issues...

Nothing is festively bright if we aren't feeling a happiness within. Our coping becomes difficult. Many of us would like to skip it altogether.

This is, afterall, the season of sharing love and joy with family and friends.
Traditions. Festivity.
The lights and shìmmer. Love and beauty.

Hmmm...fruitcake and eggnog.
Bahhh Eggnog.

Not this day. No spirit in this night.
Maybe tomorrow....


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