Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Life Scouts

I really think that there should be a set of badges for Living.
They would be like the Boy Scouts or Brownies or Girl Guides.

Let's face it life is a series of all kinds of challenges. We each face all different kinds.

Where to even begin with what my own would be? If I started from the beginning to now I have endless.

So if I took out the basics of life skills and went to experiences ...still quite a list.

I still think Life Badges should be awarded. Living is a series of achievements.
The hard ones that come with adulting should get awarded.

I could start with just 10 for every decade of my life.
That would be nearly 50!

Going to need two double sided sashes!🤣😂
Blood, sweat and tears got this body to here.

Maybe you can relate?


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